“If you really want to achieve something, just pursue it, strive hard for it, trust yourself and trust God, and surely you will achieve it.”

                I just want to share a story of mine, hoping that it will inspire some people who struggle reaching their dreams, losing hope and almost giving up in life.

                To begin with, I was just like the other children who dreamed to finish studies and to become someone in profession. Fortunately, I was a kid who learned reading and writing in an early age. Honestly, I don’t remember a time that I don’t know how to read and write, (hihi^^) because my mother said that she started teaching me when I was 1 year old, and when I turned 3, I already know how to read and write. Because of that, people around us, including our neighbors and relatives were so amazed with me.

                Luckily, one rich neighbor of us noticed my ability. She offered me a scholarship until college on her school. By that time, I was just 5, so I don’t remember my parent’s reaction with that. I assumed they were so happy. To continue my story, I started studying in that school as prep. It was a private school, and as I remember, my classmates were being brought to school by luxury cars.

                During that time, my mother got pregnant. So when I was about to enter grade 1, my mother gave birth to my sister.  By that time, my father decided that I should stop studying first, because he’s working and my mother couldn’t do house chores. I don’t know exactly how they talked about it, and how they ended up with that decision. So I stopped studying and stayed at home with my mother and my baby sister. Truly, opportunity comes once in a lifetime, because that kind of opportunity didn’t come to me again.

                A year past, I continue to study again in a public elementary school. As my parents expected, I became a consistent honor student from grade 1 to grade 4. By that time, our neighbors and relatives were predicting that I will have a very good future. So at a young age, I put in my young mind that I really have to show them that they are right. I didn’t take it as pressure, but a challenge. But when I was about to enter grade 5, my father decided to move to his province. It was easy for us to transfer in other place because we don’t have our own house. At that point, I didn’t know if this decision of my father would bring us to good or what. Because before, I have no idea what is life in a province.

                When we arrived at my father’s province, I didn’t expect that I would be facing a big change. We arrived in an island, no land transportation such as jeepney and tricycle, no electricity, no malls and far from stores, everything became new to me. So then I started studying there as a grade 5 pupil. The school there was small and they only have one section per grade. So because the population of students were small, it became easier for me to consistently get the highest honor. So I graduated high school there as valedictorian.

                After I graduated high school, we moved to Batangas. My sister and I were so happy at that time, because there, we got to ride jeepney again, we got to watch tv again, and everything that we haven’t experience for almost 6 years. Everything was quite fine, except that our way of life was indeed hard, because first, we don’t have our own house and when we moved to Batangas, the only job my father got was become a scrap boy. But by that time, I have no worry that I couldn’t go to college, because with my honor, I was confident that I could get a scholarship.

                So I got a scholarship from one of the schools in Batangas City. But unfortunately, I didn’t get the full scholarship, in a reason that I graduated in a school which has a population of not more than 1000. So with that, we still have to pay 3000 pesos per sem for miscellaneous. And because city was quite far from our house, our additional problem was my everyday fare and also my school expenses such as projects and books.

                At first, everything was alright. I enrolled BS Accountancy because they don’t have my first choice course, which is MassComm. But after the first semester, my parents told me that they cannot send me to school anymore. At first, I couldn’t accept it. I’ve even gone sulk to my parents because I thought and I expected, that they would do everything just to send me to school. But I had nothing to do but to accept it. There I realized, that not all the time, your best is enough to be the best.

                So from that time, I told myself that I have to achieve my dreams in my own endeavor. I went to Manila with my second cousin. We applied to a gasoline station, but I was the only one who got hired. So he went back to Batangas, and me, I continued my life independently in Manila. I rented a space. When I was already doing well on my job, I decided to study again. By that time, I came to think that I should get a short course instead, because with that, I could easily graduate and find a good job.

                So I enrolled a two-year course, Computer Programming. I worked at daytime, and go to school at night. While I was doing fine, my family moved to the house I was renting. They said that it would be wiser if we would rent only one house, because they were also renting in Batangas. So we lived together again, and my father became a jeepney driver again, because he used to be a jeepney driver before.

                To continue my story, I have finished my 2-year course. I thought it would be enough to find a good job, but I was wrong. Every position I wanted to apply for, was looking for a graduate of a Bachelor’s course. So I decided to find a job which accepts my level, and I was hired as a cashier in a supermarket. By that time, I had no choice but to just work and work to be able to help my family. While I was working, I see what my old classmates have become. Some became accountants, some became teachers, some are engineers, some are IT. There were times that I ask myself, “what happened to me? I used to be the popular student, I used to be always on top, but where I am now? I’m only here…”

                As time goes by, I’ve learned to accept what I have just become. I was just thinking that maybe if I work hard on my job, maybe someday I will have something that I can be proud of. But I admit, I still feel incomplete. So I looked for other job where I know I can be happier. And singing is one of the things I like to do, so I applied as a singer-promodiser of one of the Karaoke Brands, and I got hired.

                As a singer-promodiser, I learned to be happy being an employee. I get to enjoy while I was at work. But still, when I am alone, I still go back thinking “what I have done wrong to become just like this? , because as I know, I did my best, I always do”. So I ended up deciding to try to study again. I know my dream will take time, effort, diligence and money, but I was decided to give it a try again.

                So I looked for a school near from my work, and also, offers a schedule which fits my shift at work, and I found one. I found a computer college, so I chose to take BS Information Technology. At first, I felt like I went back to zero. But I was more determined this time, because I know that when I finish this course, aside from being proud of myself, this will be my key to success.

                So I did time management, the whole day, I was at work, and at night, I was at school. I also did multi-tasking, because there were times that I had to do home works and at the same time, I had to do sales reports. There was a point that my employer made me choose between work and school, because I had some tardiness due to my schooling. But I knew that I couldn’t give up any of them. I want to finish my study, and at the same time, I need my work to be able to study. So I asked my employer to give me another chance to show them that my schooling will not affect my work anymore.

                Luckily, my employer gave me another chance to show my ability. In return, I had to do more effort to continue my schooling without affecting any work matter. I’ve encountered many challenges throughout the years of studying, but I didn’t give up, because this is my dream, this is what I wanted to do.

                So last May 19, 2018, I have finished my course BS Information Technology and my dream turned into reality. Now I am proud of myself, I am more confident of myself, and now I have the key to success. Usually, God doesn’t give us the life we want to have, because he wants us to learn how to get the life we wanted. So my biggest lesson is, “If you really want to achieve something, just pursue it, strive hard for it, trust yourself, and trust God, and surely you will achieve it”. 🙂




They always compare life with a wheel,

There’s up and down, that’s what we feel.

Ups symbolize our happiness and success,

While downs are failures and loneliness.


In life, hard times are unavoidable,

But don’t let yourself be miserable.

Because hard times are just like the rain,

They come and go, just like a pain.


Don’t expect everything would be easy,

Wiser wins, don’t rely on what you see.

Life’s a challenge that you have to overcome,

Always think of what will you become.


Because after that rain you’ve encountered,

There’s a rainbow behind that magical blurred.

A rainbow that will color your perfect place,

‘Will light up your world, to guide your every pace.